Feel controlled by food & can't see a way out?

I’ve been there personally and have overcome having food control me to now living an amazing, free and healthy life. I now use these strategies to help people just like you take back your life.

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Goal Setting

2 Weekly check ins. 1x FaceTime 1x Voice Note

Personalised Nutrition Programme

You will receive a comprehensive diet plan that’s both effective and easy to stick to.

Planned For You

Maximise your results with your bespoke workout plan aimed at giving you long-lasting results.

24/7 Support

If you have any questions about exercise technique, diet or general lifestyle just reach out to me or the team.

Do your eating habits chip away at your happiness day after day, to the point you feel ashamed, embarrassed and self destructive?

When you look in the mirror, does your body image upset you and make you feel unworthy, or not good enough? Do you feel like food becomes a repetitive obsession and controls you?

If you answered yes to ANY of these statements, I would like to remind you that you are not alone. I’d also like to tell you, I’ve personally been there and I understand why you’re here now, which is why me and my team WANT to help you, and CAN help you.

’Completing this form is not committing to the programme, but by applying we can then contact you and arrange a 20 minute call with Shannon Mackie to discuss how we can help you’

This programme will teach and educate you to ensure your mental and physical results are long lasting.

If you believe you need help, I’d like to be the person to help you with a well experienced team behind us.

A Programme Completely Bespoke to YOU

Everybody has different goals and different battles which is why the programme we design for you will work for you and address every aspect of your mental and physical wellness.

Planned Around You

Life is busy, I understand that. Remove the stress of life and I will tell you when and what to train to keep you on track.

Never Get Bored

Your workout plan will be tweaked to prevent boredom but also to target weaker areas and give you all-round better results.

Workout At Home Or The Gym

Your workout schedules will be designed to fit around you and whatever equipment you have available.


Full support via WhatsApp, 7 days per week

2 Weekly check ins. 1x Email 1x Zoom

Mindset coaching to form a healthier relationship with food

Personalised nutrition programme

Training programme

12 weeks of intense learning, growing and self development.

6x Coaching Sessions with Mental Wellness Coach

Supplementation recommendation

Continuous updates to plans to ensure progress is made every week and a healthier relationship with food is being formed

PDF Home Workout Guides

5 Day gym workout plan

SMW Tick Sheet

How Do I know If Coaching Is Right For Me?

Your most frequently asked questions

I want to lean up as quick as possible! Where do I start?

8 WEEK SHRED!!! This programme is designed for YOU! We have an average weight loss of 1 stone per client since we started the programme! Not to mention the endless number of inches lost! See our 8 Week Shred page for transformations and further detail.

Can we continue being coached by ShanMack Wellness after the 8 Week Shred?

Absolutely! If you wish to continue after finishing your 8 Week Shred, the next step is Lifestyle Coaching!

Do you cater for all dietary requirements? (vegetarian/ vegan/ allergies/ intolerances)

Yes! We will create a plan to reach your optimum health, taking into account all dietary requirements.

Are the programmes suitable for people with busy lifestyles?

Every programme is designed to work around you and alongside your busy schedule! When prepping food and planning your workouts, we’re certain with all the extra energy and increased motivation you’ll have more time than you anticipated!

I think I might be suffering from Binge eating. What do I do? Can you help?

Our Mental Wellness Programme has been designed specifically for you. This is more common than you would ever imagine and we would love nothing more than to support you and coach you to a healthier place. Please view our Mental Wellness page for further detail.

Will there be home work out plans, or just gym work out plans?

Home work out plans and Gym work out are included with every sign up!

What if I miss my check in?

If you miss your 24-hour check-in slot you will not receive feedback on your physique and plan until your next check-in. (Exceptions made for significant circumstances).


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